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Yamaha Outboard Boat Engine



Yamaha Outboard Boat Engine

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Type :                outboard
Power source:  gasoline
Market:             boating
Technology:     direct injection
Other characteristics: 4-stroke
Power:         375 ch (375 hp)


Yamaha Outboard Boat Engine


If you are looking for huge amounts of power and thrust, and the cutting-edge technology of Yamaha’s XTO range, the XF375 is there for you.

Tons of Thrust and Technology.

The muscular new shape and dynamic look of the XF375 XTO immediately communicate its incredible industry-first concepts and technologies waiting to be unleashed.
To begin with, it’s The first direct injection 4-stroke. Secondly, The first with integral electronic steering, linking seamlessly to Yamaha’s Helm Master® system. It is also, The first to achieve a new level of reverse thrust, torque, and speed. Lastly, It’s a genuine performance revolution for larger boats and an incredible story.

At a glance

Extreme Power – 5.6L • 32-v • 60º V8 • DOHC • VCT
Efficiency – first-ever Direct Injection 4-stroke Precision – built-in electric steer-by-wire system Ultimate control – unique all-electronic systems 300% more reverse thrust from new exhaust system Reliability – tough custom-engineered crankshaft Dependability – new heavy duty gear system New sleek lower unit design with massive gearcase Dual chamber oil pump to handle extreme demands Ultra-convenient in-water gear oil change facility High Output charging – for more output at low rpm Ideal for heavy boats and RIBs – XTO OS propellers.


Whether you enjoy the thrill of water sports or just relaxing on your boat, choose the engine that helps you get more out of your time on the water.


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